Wing Foiling Workshops

By Appointment
2-Hours ~ 2,000mxn

Are you a wing foiler and looking to advance on the water? 

Are you a future wing foiler and looking to prepare your body for this sport? 

Then this workshop is for you! 

In order to practice wing foiling to the best of your ability, hours of training are required.  Yoga can be an effective complimentary exercise. Not only does it help to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance but yoga also develops your ability to stay focused.  

In this course we will address common injuries associated with the sport. Practice movements that mimic foiling and learn how to safely get back on foil after falling off the board.

What Included:

  • Personalized instruction based on your body’s ability.
  • Body weight movements to build strength and flexibility in key areas of the body.
  • Information on how to reuse common over use injuries of the sport.
  • Learn how to improve balance and foot mobility.
  • Free Pre-Wing warm-up routine.

Contact me for more information and additional questions.

Clara Mae Mills Romines

Movement Teacher

I am a mid-aged Yoga instructor living and teaching in La Ventana, BCS, Mexico. I started Wing Foiling 3 years ago with no previous wind sport experience, other than my previous job as a corporate pilot. I found this sport tough on the body with a steep learning curve. I used my knowledge of movements techniques through yoga to help recover my body and sharpen my skills. I have been sharing these tips in my local town this season through workshops and thought others may benefit from this information so I started this group.  I look forward to chatting more with each of you as we discuss injury related issues in the sport.

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