Why Props?

B. K. S. Iyengar introduced props into the modern practice of yoga.  He wants all practitioners equal access to the benefits of the postures.  Using support does not mean that you are weak or less of a yogi.  In many cases it’s the exact opposite.  Not using support when needed can lead to misalignment and future injuries.  If you are looking for a “goal” in yoga, it’s not depth in the posture, it’s about being present in the moment and feeling your body. Adding support allows you to explore postures. 

Why am I selling them? Well, sometimes I ask myself the same question. To be honest, I couldn’t find what I wanted so I made them. Sometimes you’ve just got to scratch your own itch. Now that I have the patterns and fine tuned the details, I would like to offer them to you.

Instead of giving 100% in the body posing, give 50% effort in the pose and 50% effort in being present. 

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These hand made 100% Mexican Parota wooden blocks will be an extension of your arms, bringing you closer to the ground and enabling you to work on different poses more easily. Parota is a light weight wood that contains a natural insect resistance, and is rot and water resistant. All blocks are treated with a beeswax, lemon oil, and mineral oil mixture.

One Set for 1,900pesos ~ FREE videos on how to use this product ~ COMING SOON.

Texture and color patterns varies.

Eye Pillows

Did you know that around 80 percent of our sensory impressions are registered through our eyes? When gentle pressure is applied to the space between and just above your eyebrows, it activates a shift in your nervous system leading to a state of rest and relaxation. These eye pillows are filled with flaxseed, French lavender, and Damiana, a native Mexican shrub used to reduce headaches, anxiety, and depression.


Spring 2023 Line – Naturals

Available in Wool and Cotton


Straps are also great for getting the proper alignment in poses. It’s an effective way of tracking a slow and safe progression as you continue to open the body. You can simply mark the strap where you hold certain poses and see your progress.

6-foot ~ 500pesos 8-foot – 600pesos

FREE videos on how to use this product ~ COMING SOON.

Spring 2023 Line – Naturals

Meditation Cushion

A floor cushion that provides a comfortable bottom when sitting and lifts the hips off the floor to support the lumbar spine in a more natural state. Notice your spine when you sit on the ground. Is it relatively straight with natural curves or do you find yourself bending at the waist instead of the hips. Adding height to the hips with a cushion or block can relieve stress on the back.


Spring 2023 Line – Naturals


A bolster brings the Earth to you. Giving you support to open, release or relax in a posture. Generally used for Restorative poses. Do you suffer from lower back pain? Try adding a bolster under your knees for relief.

1,600pesos ~ FREE videos on how to use this product ~ COMING SOON.

Spring 2023 Line – Naturals

Available in Grey and Cream

Back Mitra Bar

More and more of us spend our lives looking at our phone or computer. Our chest muscles become shorter and tighter making it harder and harder to stand with correct posture. Incorrect posture can lead to a stiff upper back and shoulder making some yoga postures challenging. The BackMitra can help you open the chest and shoulders and access difficult to reach areas.

1,200pesos ~ FREE videos on how to use this product ~ COMING SOON.

Weighted Yoga Sandbags

Like a weighted blanket, these sandbags add a soothing affect on the body. Stabilizing and grounding benefits when used during yin and restorative postures. 

FREE videos on how to use this product ~ COMING SOON.


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