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Private Sessions

A private yoga or meditation session can be so many different things – but above all else, private sessions are custom-created to fit the needs and wants of you. Whether you are a looking to develop a safe and enjoyable at home practice or advance your current one, a custom one-on-one session can help.

Maybe you have chronic pain or an injury for which you would like to receive personalized modifications. You might even be looking for a way to bring health and wellness into your employees lives and have heard that yoga is accessible to everybody and every body. All of the above and more can be address with a private session. 60-minutes session for 1500mxn.

You Pick Two Package

Below you will find descriptions of additional offering. I have set the options in a “You Pick Two” form. Where you pick 2 of the services below to create a personal 60-minute experience for 2000mxn.   

Before our sessions, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. The answers will help me personalize your experience and focus on what you would like to achieve in our time together. I would recommend identifying a clear intention for this practice.  Your intention can be as simple as to relieve stress; it may be to resolve a persistent issue that’s been plaguing you for weeks or months on end.  Additionally, these session have been known to offer relief with anxiety, depression, physical pain, high blood pressure, chronic stress, sleep deprivation and additional disorders. 

All session are located at Casa del Tio R.  A beautiful and intimate yoga studio in La Ventana.  


Sound Bath

A form of meditation in which a person (or a group) experiences sound waves generated by Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and additional instruments.  You will be laying on your back for the class using props to make the body comfortable.

Upon your permission, singing bowls and tuning forks will be places around you, or directly on, your body.  The vibrations produced will move through the body and its water composition, stimulating circulation which enhances muscle relaxation.  Similar to tuning a piano, many believe sound patterns help tune the nervous system of the body.


A Japanese form of energy healing and type of alternative medicine.  This practice is based on the idea that we all have an unseen “life force energy” that flows through our bodies.  Using my hands in a technique called palm healing, universal energy can be transferred in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. 

Yoga Nidra

A guided rest that promotes healing and deep relaxation. Often referred to as a yogi’s deep sleep, Yoga Nidra aims to bring you to an awakened state hovering between sleeping and dreaming. You will be laying on your back for the class using props to make the body comfortable.  Many complete the session feeling refreshed, focused and rested.  

Restorative Yoga

Rest, relax, and restore.  Together we will explore postures of yoga, using props to achieve minimal muscular strength, facilitating deep release in the connective tissue and calming the nervous system. 


A guided session leading you through the basic steps to slow the mind and calm the body. We will discuss how the mind is likely to behave during meditation. You will receive techniques to help your practice. We will also discuss how to take these techniques into everyday life.

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”

~ Unknown

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