Hola, I’m Clara.

My yoga journey began in 2004 during a previous career as an Air Ambulance Pilot and Certified Airplane Flight Instructor in Nashville, TN.  I used yoga to decrease stress and add movement to my sedentary profession.

I stepped into a yoga class for the first time thinking I needed a “good” stretch after a long shift.  I would strategically pick a spot close to the door, and quietly roll up my mat, grab my car keys, and split while everyone else was getting ready for Savasana.  My life was too busy for a nap in the middle of the day!

In 2011, my partner and I took the leap of faith to actively detach from society’s normal constructs and dared to find something deeper and more fulfilling in life.

Fast forward 18-years later and I find myself in my mid-40’s. Living in Mexico full-time and teaching the tools that have worked for me to find a little peace in the every day.

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