Qi Gong & Tai Chi Week 2

Last week we spent the first part of class with a Qi Gong warm up with gentle movements, then we began to blend a few yoga postures using the movements of Tai Chi before settling into Restorative postures.

This month we are letting go of the details and finding movement with the breath. Not with the rhythm my breath, or the rhythm of someone else’s breath, but the rhythm of YOUR breath. For those of you unfamiliar, one of the main objectives of Yoga is to connect movement with the rhythm of the breath. Qi Gong & Tai Chi are beautiful ways to find this connection.


Take some time this week to practice connecting movements with the breathing. Below is a video of Peter Caughey, a Qi Gong instructor I follow. Try this flow a few times this week in the morning before coffee.

This Week’s Classes

(Las clases de esta semana)

This week we will build on the previous week. Finding your rhythm, finding the connection of your body with the breath. We will be adding a few postures to lengthen the series. If you missed last, don’t worry. We are a welcoming group and happy to have you join us when you can. What we are learning this month will help us in next month’s topic, building a home practice. See you in class this week!


Click here to see my current class schedule.

Additional Offerings ~ Yoga Nidra, Sound Immersion, Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Reiki, Corporate sessions, Events. Click here to learn more.

Private Sessions – Do you have needs that you feel are unable to be met in a group yoga class? A private session might be the right choice for you. Whether you are new to yoga or looking to deepen your existing practice, a one-on-one lesson can be tailored to your suit individual needs. Experience the many benefits yoga can provide in a safe and personalized way.

***If you can’t make a class, and you are in the La Ventana Bay area, get 3 or more people together and I am happy to offer semi-private classes for 200mxn per person***

  • March 8th, 6pm Restorative Alignment with Sound 75-minutes 250pesos
  • March 15th Yoga Wing Foiling Workshop 8:30-11am

Quote of the Week

(Expresar por la semana)

One response to “Qi Gong & Tai Chi Week 2”

  1. Hi Clara,
    So for our Thursday at 11 appt. Is it at your across from the campground location? I think that is what I remember.


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