Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Back in 2016 when I was traveling internationally with my partner we were fortunate to receive a 3-day visa for China on an extended our layover. 3 days is not enough to see much of China, but we did our best to explore the city of Guangzhou, the country’s 5th largest city located on the Pearl River North of Hong Kong.

We stumbled upon an active sewage treatment plant that had been turned into a city park. An incredible city park actually. Filled with walking paths, landscaped with trees, areas to exercise, and socialize. The best part was that it was full of people using the area. From Badminton games to Tai Chi and dancing classes. In this month’s classes lets explore some gentle movements inspired from Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

What’s the difference? Well, Tai Chi is a meditative martial art with movements in a set series. Qi Gong offers similar meditative movements but repeats one movement based on specific situations. Maybe you want to slow down your energy to get to sleep versus taking a sleeping pill or alcoholic beverage? Or maybe you are feeling tired and want to revive your energy versus drinking a cup of coffee.

Like Yoga, these practices are deep topics. It’s up to you how far you travel down the path. You can simply use them for exercises or you can go below the surface and discover the additional benefits. I am happy to suggest additional reading. Both Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga are forms of traditional medicine and dating back thousands of years. Known to create harmony between the mind, body, and energy flow. See you in class!


Last week we focused on the neck and shoulders. Making space in the chest and adding strength in the upper back. A few times this week try the following exercise.

  • Find a sturdy chair, have a seat, and slide to the front of the seat.
  • Move the butt muscles out of the way so you can feel the bottom of the pelvis on the chair. Legs bent at 90-degrees.
  • Find the “Center of the Clock Face” or a couple inches below the belly button. Bring that point inside you and then up. Making length in the spine.
  • Begin to make gentle and slow shoulder rolls.
  • Bringing the shoulders up to the ears, pressing them behind you, then down the back.
  • After a few rotations, hold the shoulder down behind you, and imagine the shoulder blades can push into the back of the rib cage. Hold here, then release.
  • Return to the should rolls, before trying to press the shoulder blades into the back again.


Click here to see my current class schedule.

Additional Offerings ~ Yoga Nidra, Sound Immersion, Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Reiki, Corporate sessions, Events. Click here to learn more.

Private Sessions – Do you have needs that you feel are unable to be met in a group yoga class? A private session might be the right choice for you. Whether you are new to yoga or looking to deepen your existing practice, a one-on-one lesson can be tailored to your suit individual needs. Experience the many benefits yoga can provide in a safe and personalized way.

***If you can’t make a class, and you are in the La Ventana Bay area, get 3 or more people together and I am happy to offer semi-private classes for 200mxn per person***

Packages (Paquetes):

5-pack pass for 900mxn (Paquete de 5 pases por 900mxn)

Upcoming Events/ Eventos

  • February 5th – 8am – Lighthouse 1,000 Yoga class at Baja Joe’s Rooftop

Quote of the Week

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  1. is yoga on with the rain?

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    1. No yoga today. See you next week.


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