AP ~ January 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the first AP Newsletter!

January is a great time to expand your bubble and try new things.

This month we will start my 4-week series focusing on different parts of the body to find alignment,

starting with the feet. Our feet aren’t just our foundations.  Our feet are required to be flexible and adjustable. They are also wheels for the body. Like tires on a car, when balanced and true, the feet provide a smooth ride. But when the foot collapses or loses mobility, the problem travels up the body.

The best way to check if the tires of your body are balanced is to check your tread. Look at the soles of your shoes. Does the inside or the outside of your heel wear down? If there is excessive wear on one side, the foot is like a flat tire, likely putting strain on the knee, hip, lower back, and even the neck.

200mxn drop-in rate or 900mxn for a 5-pack pass.

Contact me more information or any questions at, aguacatespacificos@gmail.com

See you in class this week!


3 responses to “AP ~ January 2023 Newsletter”

  1. You are so right about the wear of your shoes. If my hip starts to hurt I know it is a shoe problem


  2. Hi!!! What a lovely, enticing, artistic, informative newsletter full of opportunity. So cool, Clara, what you are doing and how you are doing it. Feet first. Wow! and of course…… Shucks that I have some kind of stress fracture going on and other ‘stuff’ One of these days….. and one of these days a crossing of paths with you and Shadow. ***b


  3. Just thought of you and Shadow. Great newsletter. Love your logo! Cool.


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